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About Us

Total Trade

Your Global Chemical Solutions Partner

Total Trade Spain is a Catalan company established in 2016 in Barcelona. The people of Total Trade Spain bring 50 year experience in several industries including water treatment, food and beverage, oil & gas, mining, detergent & cosmetics and performance chemicals.

The company is specialised in the commercialisation of specific products for these industries such as ion exchange resins, flocculants, coagulants, permanganate, defoamers, antifouling and activated carbon. They work on a worldwide basis and source from the main producers and most reputable brands in the market, based on an exclusive distribution relationship or geographic priorities.

In 2022, Total Trade Spain exported more than 3.500 tons of chemicals worldwide.

Quality Policy

In line with the expectations of the customers, organizations and institutions we are in contact with, within the framework of changing world conditions, trends, scientific and technological developments and social needs we are committing to:

Protect professional ethics.

Take a place as an indispensable and permanent solution partner.

Fulfil all kinds of needs in the expected process and quality.

Make our staff specialized in their areas and having the necessary technical and commercial equipment.

Respect public and environmental rules, laws and rights, and to ensure the total participation, training and full support of our employees.

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